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  • Half Baked Idea: Limiting WordPress Image Upload Sizes

    Half Baked Idea: Limiting WordPress Image Upload Sizes

    Limit image upload size in WordPress media library by using the `wp_handle_upload_prefilter` filter. Implement a custom function to check and restrict the size of uploaded images. Utilize PHP code to set a maximum size limit and display an error message if the file exceeds it. Add this functionality to your WordPress site.

  • Wisps, a WordPress Plugin

    Wisps, a WordPress Plugin

    With Wisps, you can have code snippets similar to Gist, Pastebin, or similar code sharing sites. Using the built-in WordPress code editor, you can write snippets to post and share.

  • Purging All The Caches!

    Purging All The Caches!

    Learn how to efficiently manage WordPress caching with PHP OPcache, WordPress Object Cache, and full page caching using custom code for an Admin Dashboard widget. Simplify cache purging across three different plugins with this code snippet.