• Fixing a broken ATOM Feed

    Fixing a broken ATOM Feed

    My city is not known for being technologically adept, and I’m at least lucky they have a website with a CMS. Sadly though, the website offers only a broken ATOM 1.0 feed, a standard that’s old enough to drink in some countries. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with NewsBlur, so I had to sort to building…

  • iOS Reminders to Habitica To Do’s via IFTTT

    iOS Reminders to Habitica To Do’s via IFTTT

    After digging around for a while trying to see how I could link up iOS’s Reminders with Habitica‘s To Do’s to help keep me organized, I finally found an easy way through IFTTT. This works easily because Habitica offers a wonderful API💥 Specifically we’re looking at the “Create a new task belonging to the user”…

  • Wisps, a WordPress Plugin

    Wisps, a WordPress Plugin

    With Wisps, you can have code snippets similar to Gist, Pastebin, or similar code sharing sites. Using the built-in WordPress code editor, you can write snippets to post and share.