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Quick Tip: Export WordPress SQL output via WP-CLI

If for some reason you can’t run wp db query, but need to export SQL output to a CSV or other file, then have a look at this small WP-CLI command I whipped up that should allow this:

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Converting CSV to SQL

I was recently working on an issue that required me to dig through gigabytes of CSV files to look for patterns and data points. I had no intention of bringing all of this data in to Excel, because there’s not enough RAM on earth for that to work. Instead I thought it would be easier […]


Finding Duplicate WordPress Post Meta

Have you ever accidentally saved the same post meta to a post in WordPress, and ended up with a duplicate? Of course, you could go through each post and check the meta, check for duplicates, and delete any of them but… I think I’ve figured out a beast of an SQL query that will give […]