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Stopping WordPress User Registration Spam

I’ve had a rash of user registration spam lately, and even though I’m sure the site is secure, it’s just very annoying. So I’ve whipped up a quick little hook that I’ve thrown in my mu-plugins to give me the ability to add email hostnames to a blocklist and disable user registration from them:

 * Hook into the user registration process to deny registration to a blocklist of hostnames.
 * @param string   $sanitized_user_login The sanitized username.
 * @param string   $user_email The user's email address.
 * @param WP_Error $errors Contains any errors with the registration process.
 * @return void
function emrikol_blocklist_email_registration( string $sanitized_user_login, string $user_email, WP_Error $errors ): void {
	// Validate the email address.
	if ( filter_var( $user_email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL ) ) {
		// Extract the email hostname from the user's email address and normalize it.
		$email_parts  = explode( '@', $user_email );
		$email_hostname = strtolower( $email_parts[1] );

		$blocklist = array(

		// Check if the email hostname is in the blocklist.
		if ( in_array( $email_hostname, $blocklist ) ) {
			$errors->add( 'email_hostname_blocked', __( 'Sorry, registration using this email hostname is not allowed.', 'emrikol' ) );
add_action( 'register_post', 'emrikol_blocklist_email_registration', 10, 3 );
Code language: PHP (php)

There’s lots of different ways you could extend this for yourself, like adding a hostname regex, a filter, or an admin screen to allow updates to the blocklist without having to make a code deploy.

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