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  • Gathering database performance with WP-CLI

    Gathering database performance with WP-CLI

    Discover how we employed WP-CLI to streamline the assessment of database server performance in WordPress, facilitating a more efficient profiling of SQL queries before and after crucial server upgrades.

  • Purging All The Caches!

    Purging All The Caches!

    One of the best ways to ensure that a WordPress site–well any site really–stays performant and not broken is by leveraging caching. WordPress by default doesn’t do much caching other than some in-memory caching of objects, and the odd database caching via the Transients API. This site currently has three layers of caching: PHP OPcache…

  • Query Caching (and a little extra)

    Query Caching (and a little extra)

    By default, WordPress does not cache WP_Query queries.  Doing so can greatly improve performance.  The way I do this is via the Advanced Post Cache plugin: By running this plugin (hopefully as an mu-plugin) with a persistent object cache, WP_Query calls, along with get_post() calls (only if suppress_filters is false) will be cached. Bonus! Now…