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  • Guerilla Ad-Blocking: Taking Back the Web with WordPress

    Guerilla Ad-Blocking: Taking Back the Web with WordPress

    Unveiling stealthy WordPress strategies for guerilla ad-blocking, empowering users to cleanse their online spaces and champion a distraction-free web experience.

  • Cool WordPress Plugins: Embed Extended

    Cool WordPress Plugins: Embed Extended

    If you saw my last post, you may have noticed some cool embeds. These are coming from the Embed Extended plugin. This plugin takes OpenGraph data and treats it more like oEmbed data for WordPress. It works great with the block editor as well!

  • Half-Baked Plugins: Embeds for Twitch and Gutenberg

    Half-Baked Plugins: Embeds for Twitch and Gutenberg

    In my forever attempt to learn and understand Gutenberg, React, and ES6 (which I am failing at horribly) I sometimes build WordPress plugins just for the learning experience. I don’t have any full intent on releasing these to the WordPress.org Plugin Repository because I honestly don’t feel like dealing with end users and support. I’m…

  • Wisps, a WordPress Plugin

    Wisps, a WordPress Plugin

    With Wisps, you can have code snippets similar to Gist, Pastebin, or similar code sharing sites. Using the built-in WordPress code editor, you can write snippets to post and share.

  • Page Generation Graph for WordPress

    Page Generation Graph for WordPress

    At work, one of the more interesting customizations we have on WordPress.com for our VIP clients is a dashboard that contains custom widgets.  One of them is a page generation graph that shows the average page generation time for their site compared to all others.  That way they can judge their code performance against a…

  • Blogging Anonymously

    Blogging Anonymously

    An interesting problem I came across recently was how to set up a WordPress blog with an anonymous user.  Now, a simple way would be to create a brand new user with fake information, but that’s too easy. After looking for some prior art, I found the Anonymizer plugin in the WordPress.org plugin repository.  Unfortunately, it’s…

  • Logging Failed Redirects

    Logging Failed Redirects

    WordPress has a built-in function called wp_safe_redirect().  This allows you to create redirects in code, but only to whitelisted domains (via the allowed_redirect_hosts filter). The downside to this is that you have to remember to whitelist the domains.  It’s easy to forget if you’re doing a lot of redirects, for instance with the WPCOM Legacy…

  • Query Caching (and a little extra)

    Query Caching (and a little extra)

    By default, WordPress does not cache WP_Query queries.  Doing so can greatly improve performance.  The way I do this is via the Advanced Post Cache plugin: By running this plugin (hopefully as an mu-plugin) with a persistent object cache, WP_Query calls, along with get_post() calls (only if suppress_filters is false) will be cached. Bonus! Now…

  • Gutenberg, Code, and Highlighting

    Gutenberg, Code, and Highlighting

    One of the great things about Gutenberg is the ability to compartmentalize different types of content within blocks.  One of the blocks that I’ve been using a lot of recently is the code block.  This block by default will render something like this: While this is acceptable, it’s not very pretty.  I used to use…