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  • Command Timing in ZSH

    Command Timing in ZSH

    I’ve had a few snippets in my .zshrc file for a while now that will output how long a command takes to process. First off, I’d like to say that I did not come up with this idea, and I didn’t really write the code. I’ve snipped it from somewhere and modified it over time,…

  • Dall-E 2 Outpainting Experiment

    Dall-E 2 Outpainting Experiment

    OpenAI recently introduced a new feature called Outpainting to Dall-E 2 This lets you easily expand your image without manual labor intensive hacks. With this, I decided to do a quick run through to see what’s on the other side of Bliss Now, I probably could have gotten something a lot better if I’d taken…

  • Stable Diffusion on M1 Macs!

    Stable Diffusion on M1 Macs!

    Run Stable Diffusion on your M1 Mac’s GPU Oh yes, this is going to be awesome! (via Hacker News)

  • Bad Hack: Restart Linux Server when memory is low 😬

    Bad Hack: Restart Linux Server when memory is low 😬

    I’m running something on my Raspberry Pi server that’s got a memory leak. I think it’s related to my Software Defined Radio (more on that another day), but I’m too lazy to actually track it down and fix it, so I’ve implemented the below hack to just restart my server when memory gets too low.…

  • Fixing a broken ATOM Feed

    Fixing a broken ATOM Feed

    My city is not known for being technologically adept, and I’m at least lucky they have a website with a CMS. Sadly though, the website offers only a broken ATOM 1.0 feed, a standard that’s old enough to drink in some countries. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with NewsBlur, so I had to sort to building…

  • iOS Reminders to Habitica To Do’s via IFTTT

    iOS Reminders to Habitica To Do’s via IFTTT

    After digging around for a while trying to see how I could link up iOS’s Reminders with Habitica‘s To Do’s to help keep me organized, I finally found an easy way through IFTTT. This works easily because Habitica offers a wonderful API💥 Specifically we’re looking at the “Create a new task belonging to the user”…

  • My Favorite Firefox Addons

    My Favorite Firefox Addons

    For my own posterity in case I ever lose them, or if anyone is curious, here’s what I use:

  • Raspberry Pi: February 2021

    Raspberry Pi: February 2021

    I often feel like I don’t get enough use out of my Raspberry Pi devices. I have a Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2.0 (512MB) and a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB). Their current uses are as follows Raspberry Pi Model B: Pi-Hole Node-RED (Still haven’t done anything with it) Raspberry Pi 4: Radarr/Sonarr/Sabnzbd ZNC PiVPN…

  • Pi-hole, Google Wifi, and Device Names

    Pi-hole, Google Wifi, and Device Names

    One of the things that bothered me for quite some time with my Pi-Hole was that using it with Google Wifi (first gen), it wouldn’t automatically detect device hostnames. I’d done a lot of googling and never could get it to work even after a lot of different trials with multiple settings. Eventually I gave…