iOS Reminders to Habitica To Do’s via IFTTT

After digging around for a while trying to see how I could link up iOS’s Reminders with Habitica‘s To Do’s to help keep me organized, I finally found an easy way through IFTTT.

This works easily because Habitica offers a wonderful API💥

Specifically we’re looking at the “Create a new task belonging to the user” API endpoint:

With this, we’ll need to make a POST request with some special headers to authenticate and then a body payload made of JSON:


X-Client: my-user-id-IFTTTiOSRemindersSync
X-API-User: my-user-id
X-API-Key: my-api-keyCode language: HTTP (http)


	"text": "{{Title}}",
	"type": "todo",
	"notes": "{{Notes}} (Imported from iOS Reminders via IFTTT)"
}Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

From here, IFTTT will fill in the title, notes, and ship it off to Habitica for me to check off for some sweet XP!

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