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  • Limiting Featured Image Dimensions in WordPress

    Limiting Featured Image Dimensions in WordPress

    Discover how to limit image sizes for featured images based on pixel dimensions using JavaScript in the WordPress block editor. Block large images from being uploaded and display error notifications, preventing publishing until the image size meets the specified criteria. Implement this feature by enqueuing a simple `add_action()` during the `enqueue_block_editor_assets` hook.

  • Five Years

    Five Years

    Celebrating five years at Automattic with WordPress VIP. From nervous travel beginnings to team meetups in various cities, each year brought new adventures and connections. The company’s diverse, talented, and kind people set Automattic apart, making it a fulfilling workplace. Join us – we’re hiring! 😊

  • New Beginning

    Trying to form new habits by blogging regularly and learning new concepts. Embarking on a fresh start with “” for testing WordPress features, focusing on Gutenberg.