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  • Use Backticks for code in Google Docs

    Use Backticks for code in Google Docs

    Zach Brogan, you are my new best friend! I _strongly_ prefer to write in Markdown, and when doing things in Google Docs, despite it having a “markdown” option, code blocks never worked. This is where the “Backtick” Chrome extension comes in to save the day. It just works, and converts all my backticked words and […]

  • Photos: Asheville, NC

    Photos: Asheville, NC

    I’m currently away on sabbatical for three months, because my company is awesome (and we’re hiring!) I recently took a trip to Asheville, NC. It’s the first time I’ve ever been that far East, and the first time in North Carolina. It was AWESOME! Please enjoy a small selection of pictures:

  • Five Years

    Five Years

    This past Monday marked my five year anniversary at Automattic, working for WordPress VIP. It seems forever ago, but at 9:59AM on February 11, 2015 I emailed with my resume built as a child theme to twentyfifteen. Somehow I must have tricked them because 22 days later (which is pretty fast for a reply […]

  • New Beginning

    I’m trying to force myself to do a few new things: Blog on a schedule Learn new stuff Because of that, I’m starting over on and playing around here.  I’ll be testing new WordPress stuff here, especially Gutenberg.