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  • Raspberry Pi: February 2021

    Raspberry Pi: February 2021

    Explore creative uses for Raspberry Pi devices like setting up a Pi-Hole, Node-RED, Radarr/Sonarr/Sabnzbd, ZNC, PiVPN, or OpenGrok. Get ideas for maximizing the potential of your Raspberry Pi 4 and Model B devices beyond basic server functions. Unleash the full capabilities of your Raspberry Pi and delve into new projects to keep the tinkering spirit…

  • Pi-hole, Google Wifi, and Device Names

    Pi-hole, Google Wifi, and Device Names

    Using a custom script with `nmap` to find device hostnames on a Google Wifi network. The script outputs to `/etc/pihole/custom.list` with manual MAC to hostname mappings. It can be slow, especially on a Raspberry Pi 1.